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RAW #2 [Newark, New Jersey]

After a recap of the previous nights events at Backlash, the crowd were treated to the legendary “Money, Money, Money, Money, Moneeeeeeyy” music of the RAW General manager, Ted DiBiase.

Well, last night was GREAT wasn’t it?!" he cackled to loud cheers from the New Jersey fans "...and what better way to kick of this evenings affairs by...” but DiBiase was cut short...“Hang on there Mr Dollar Man! We should start this with a celebration...” was heard throughout the arena in a very distinct accent. Billie Kay, accompanied by her Iiconic partner Peyton Royce, skipped onto the stage in absolute glee before Peyton took to the mic again:-

Ladies, gentlemen, children and the everyone else, please stand up and celebrate your NEW WOMEN'S CHAMPION!” After a pretty middling reception, to Peyton Royce’s disgust, Billie took her turn to speak:

“Look, we know we haven’t always been your favourite people here, and our past actions have sometimes been a little bit... naughty. BUT now that I’m champion, we decided that we ought to do it right. But don’t worry, the Iiconics are still going to be the greatest women’s tag team ever. There are a lot of selfish, backstabbing people in that locker room, that’s why we’re sticking together, to protect and uphold the prestige of this title, and take on any challenge! And we can do that together... allll of us” she ends, signalling the crowd.

Following on from this, Royce continued: “So again, please RISE AND LETS CHEER YOUR NEW WOMEN'S CHAMPION...” To which the crowd reacted this time, with a loud roar and DiBiase left the stage arm-in-arm with the Aussie duo. 

Match #1 - Adam Cole O def. Sting X

Cole, flanked by O’Reilly and Fish, cut a confident demeanour as he waltzed to the ring. This wass quickly washed away when the darkness fell, and The Vigilante, Sting, enters the arena to rapturous fandom. 

Cole, flanked by O’Reilly and Fish, cut a confident demeanour as he waltzed to the ring. This wass quickly washed away when the darkness fell, and The Vigilante, Sting, enters the arena to rapturous fandom.

When Cole tried to lift Sting into a Snap Suplex, The Icon blocked and hit Cole with a ferocious Jumping DDT and laid a knee into the leg of Cole. Stinger then sank into the Scorpion Deathlock, but Cole used his 'ringsmarts' to grab the bottom rope, breaking the signature submission. After a back and forth of traded blows, Sting winded Cole with a boot to the gut, then lifted him up to deliver a crunching Tombstone Piledriver. Before Sting can cover him though, the ref was distracted when O’Reilly jumped up to the apron to distract his attention. This gave Cole the perfect opportunity to hit Sting with a dastardly low-blow followed by a Patella Brainbuster. Instead of going for the cover though, Cole opted to pick up Stinger, only to be thrown over with a back body drop. 

Again though, O’Reilly was up causing trouble, and this time Sting clocked him with a stiff right hand to the face. This was just enough distraction for Cole to set himself to deliver the Panama Sunrise and grab a pin victory over the Icon.

Adam Cole’s star continues to rise on Monday Night RAW!

Adam Cole’s star continues to rise on Monday Night RAW!

Match #2 - The Revival (c) O def. The Authors of Pain X

Authors of Pain headed down to the ring, but The Revival attacked them from behind on the ramp, using the belts as weapons, downing both of the Authors of Pain before the match even began.


Dawson and Wilder singled out Akam and gave him a beating before sending him back into the ring for the bell to sound the official start of the match. Dawson gave Akam a nasty looking Face Buster before stomping on the arm of the brute. Akam mustered up the strength to avoid a Clothesline from Dawson, and sent his foe to the mat with a Big Boot to the chest followed by a tag to his partner Rezar. Rezar picked up Dawson and tossed him into the corner with ease, then smashed him with a knee to the gut. After a quick tag to Akam, they delivered stereo knees and a double Stomach Crusher to leave Dawson winded and hurt.

Akam laid into Dawson some more with the stomps before letting Rezar back into the match. Rezar lifted Dawson to his feet before sending him crashing again with a Full Nelson Slam. Rezar aimed for the falling Head Butt, but Dawson managed to roll away at the last moment, sending Rezar face first into the canvas. With Rezar down, Dawson dove for the tag to Wilder, who charged straight over to Akam to send him crashing off of the apron before turning to Rezar. 

Wilder went for some kind of DDT on Rezar, but the big man stopped him and hit a big STO to halt any kind of momentum for The Revival. Wilder managed to dodge another head butt from Rezar and quickly grabbed his arm in an attempt at an Arm Bar. Rezar however overpowered Wilder and sent him over the rope to the outside. Rezar followed him out and with ease, threw Wilder overhead and into the Ringpost with brutal impact. Rezar looked like he was enjoying himself, allowing Wilder to his feet. As a dazed Wilder stood in front of Rezar, the brute sent yet another head butt towards him. However, Wilder's partner Dawson, managed to push his partner out of the way and Rezar's head cannoned into the ring post with full force. “7... 8...” called the ref with both legal men down and outside of the ring. Dawson dragged his partner up and pushed him into the ring to just beat the referees count “...9 ... 10” The bell rang and The Revival picked up the count-out victory. 

Match #3 - Elias O def. Rusev X

This one startsd with Elias in his signature pose - spotlight on, in the middle of the ring, guitar in hand;

[strum]Y'know, while I was being driven around town today, on the way to the arena.

[strum] There was this woman stood on the street, you really shoulda' seen her.

[strum] I could tell she was a local, of this place you call Newark

[strum] She looked just like a Ninja Turtle that had crawled out from the sewer.

A chorus of boos echoed around the arena

Shhhhh I say. It’s time for you all to shut your mouths. As you all know what WWE stands for! Wa...

WE WANT EARPLUGS” was the response he was interrupted with from the stage. Rusev, with mic in hand, walked down the ramp with the crowd chanting “WE WANT EARPLUGS!

Now, why don’t you put that little ukulele down and let us fight!?” With that Rusev charges the ring as the bell sounds to start the match.

Elias kept Rusev downed with a number of stomps and clubbing blows to the back. He hit a Swinging Neck Breaker early to get the 2 count on a stunned Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute managed to dodge a 2nd Rope Elbow from Elias and hit a One-Handed STO to turn the momentum of the match. As Rusev picked up Elias, he was caught off guard into a Roll-Up for a very near fall. He was unable to pickup the momentum as Elias got Rusev into a Snap Suplex. Then, as Rusev lay on the mat, Elias sneakily removed the turnbuckle pad as the ref checked to see Rusev was ok. 

Rusev was then thrown back-first into the exposed turnbuckle, before Elias got him with a rebounding DDT. At this point, Rusev was looking spent and was also busted open. Elias then hits Drift Away and covered Rusev, but the referee didn't see it as he was busy fixing the pad on the turnbuckle. An apoplectic Elias grabbed the ref and demanded he counted. However, when he attempted the cover again, Rusev had enough awareness to kick Elias and follow it up by kneeing him in the head. Rusev got to his feet but only ate a Running Clothesline and another Drift Away. This time, he didn't kick out, giving Elias a win over the Bulgarian.

After another Backlash recap video of the main event, which left The Miz needing medical attention after losing his Championship Steel Cage match against Braun; Ted DiBiase entered the stage again to address the fans;

As you probably all already realise, The Miz is not here tonight. He’s still in hospital following his hellacious match last night. However, he’s assured me that he WILL be back next week and will be looking to cash in his rematch with Braun very soon. I’m sure we all wish him a speedy recovery. But let’s end this show with a bang...

Match #4 - Braun Strowman O def. Shinsuke Nakamura X

Intramural entered with his usual rockstar presence, and the crowd loved it, while

Braun entered holding his newly won Universal Championship aloft.

Nakamura went straight after Braun with a series of kicks which Braun laughed off. Braun blocked an elbow attempt and threw Nakamura into the corner, then followed it up with a big shoulder to the gut, sending Nakamura to the mat.

Braun, fully in control, picked up Nakamura and lifted him up into a Gorilla Press Slam. Braun then got Nakamura up for a Suplex, but it was blocked with a desparate knee to Braun’s head. Nakamura quickly came back off the rope with two Dropkicks before finally downing The Monster with a Flying Heel Kick. 

The King of Strong Style was getting fired up at this point and set up for the Kinshasa... but it is halted by Braun who easily grabs and puts Nakamura onto his shoulder. He delivered a huge Running Poweslam and pinned Nakamura for the victory. 

Braun grabbed the Belt and walked up towards the ramp... Only to be met by Samoa Joe.

Joe however, smirked at Braun and walked past him to the ring, where Nakamura was just getting to his feet. 

Joe took full advantage of the beaten Shinsuke and started strangling him with his towel. He then headbutted Nakamura before making him pass out in the Coquina Clutch.

Joe, looking like a man possessed, stared blankly into the camera before smiling as the show ended.  


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