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RAW #4 [Glasgow, United Kingdom]

Tonight’s show started with the entrance of GM ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase who received a rapturous reception from the Scottish faithful. 

Wow! It’s Great to be back here in Glasgow. And boy do we have a show for you tonight!

First off, it seems Andrade has been trying everything he can to avoid Bobby Roode since he hit him with that cheap-shot last week. Well, tonight Roode will  have the chance at revenge when they face off in this ring TONIGHT!

We’ll also have your Womens champion, Billie Kay in action as well

Unfortunately I have some bad news in that The Miz is unlikely to be here following a travel mixup. He’s really sorry he can’t be here to see you all and has promised to send some sort of video message later in the show

Anyway, enough from me. Let’s get this show started. HA HA HA HA HAAAA!” 

As soon as the signature laugh of DiBiase had ended, the symphonic “GLORIOUS” was belted throughout the arena with everyone singing along.

Match #1 - Bobby Roode O def. Andrade X

Roode gave DiBiase an appreciative nod on the ramp as he entered the ring to bask in the GLORIOUS adoration from the crowd. 

Almas on the other hand received a huge chorus of boos from the Glaswegians as he made his way to the ring, accompanied by Zelina Vega. 

Roode couldn't wait to get his hands on Almas, and attacked him with a series of punches and kicks. With Almas on the ground, Roode hit him with two hard knees to the back of the head. Almas rallied with a Headlock Reversal but Roode managed to send Almas out to the apron with an elbow. 

From the apron, Roode hit a middle rope Neck Breaker and dragged Almas away from the ropes for a 2 count. His relentless attack didn't end there. Roode quickly put on a nasty looking Rear Choke and it was only Almas's dirty grabbing of Roode's face that eased it up, allowing Almas to escape to the corner.

Unfortunately for Almas, this just heightened Roodes rage and he stuck the boot to the recovering Almas before picking him up and delivering a ring shaking Spinebuster, which Almas is just able to kick out near the 3 count. After hitting Almas with a Full Nelson Slam, Roode picked him up, but Almas mustered the strength to hit his own Atomic Drop and Dropkick to leave both men down on the mat.

Almas then managed to dodge another Spinebuster attempt and, out of nowhere, hit his Hammerlock DDT. To add insult to injury, he used the rope as leverage for his pin attempt. Luckily for Roode, the ref spotted it and stopped his count, giving a warning to Almas at the same time. 

This gave Roode a chance to recover himself, and hit his own signature DDT of the Glorious kind with which he got the 3-count for the victory. Then followed the chorus of “GLORIOUS” as the crowd celebrated with Roode and Almas sulked away with Vega

Backstage, we had another meeting between Lars Sullivan and Baron Corbin where Corbin snapped “Hey, are you even going to defend that title? Seems to me like a smash and grab and now you’re hoarding the gold like some kind of troll! How about I take it from you tonight out in front of this crowd of ‘Boggins’s” [this insult incited the crowd greatly]

Baron” started Sullivan “I’m afraid no amount of vulgar insults is going to jump you to the front of the queue. You’ll just have to wait in line, like everyone else!

Corbin scoffed at Sullivan “Listen, I’m the guy that cuts to the front of line, and when someone complains, I PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!

Unamused, Sullivan replied “Oh ok. That guy?!  Do you know what I do to those guys...?” he grabbed Corbin and threw him out through the fire exit then slammed the door. The crowd could be heard cheering as Sullivan walked offscreen.

Match #2 - Dolph Ziggler O def. Jinder Mahal X

Ziggler went straight in with a Jumping DDT and two Falling Elbow Drops to Jinder's sternum. He tried to end the match early with a Zig-Zag, but Jinder blocked it with an elbow to Ziggler's face.

After downing Ziggler with a clothesline to the back of the head, Jinder delivered a Jumping Knee. Ziggler backed up into the corner pleading with Jinder, but he didn't fall for the rise and ran at the corner. Ziggler moved and quickly hit him with a Super Kick to the face and a Back Breaker. However, instead of capitalising on his advantage, Ziggler posed on the turnbuckle. This moment of arrogance allowed Jinder to get back to his feet and charge at Ziggler, but the Show Off managed to grab the ref and pull him in front of himself just as Jinder hit with the Running Body Check. 

The ref slumped to the floor having taken the impact. A shocked Jinder backed away and Ziggler wound up for another Kick. Just as he was about to deliver however, out go the lights...

After a few seconds, the light returned... and Ziggler was out cold in the middle of the ring with blood pouring from his head, Jinder stood over him holding a bent steel chair. 

The confused ref had just pulled himself to his feet, and immediately disqualified Jinder for what he believed was a brutal attack while he was down. Jinder threw the chair aside and pled his innocence with the Ref, who was having none of it and told Jinder to get out of the ring. 

Jinder left looking confused and completely livid.

Who was messing with the Maharaja?!

Following the break, we were welcomed back by the unmistakable “VEL-VE-TEEN D-REAM... HIT IT...” as the arena turned purple and ‘The Dream’ made his way to the ring in typical style. Taking a mic, he addressed the arena and the cameras:

Now then, isn’t THIS better?!” He motioned to himself and the crowd cheered. “Have you missed me? I’ve missed me! When I’m not out here, I’m not living The Dream!

So, what can we do about it? I could kick and scream...? Nooo, that’s not very eloquent. I could go and pick a fight? Naah, The Dream is not a chaser. No, I’ll just say this... Mr DiBiase, if YOU would like to finally add a bit of pzazz and style to your show, you know where I am!

And with that, he nonchalantly threw the mic over his head and left. 

Match #3 - The Undisputed Era [Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish O] def. The War Raiders [Hanson X & Rowe]

The match started with Hanson and O’Reilly facing off. O’Reilly attacked Hanson’s legs, first with a Running Kick, then a Dropkick to the back of the knee, sending Hanson crashing to the canvas After a couple of heavy stomps, O’Reilly upped and sent Hanson into the corner and followed with a running elbow. Hanson just about stayed on his feet, and had the wherewithal to block another of O’Reilly's kicks. 

Hanson gave O’Reilly a kick of his own to the gut, before spinning him around and deadlifting him into a Gut Wrench German suplex, which almost folded O’Reilly in half. Hanson dragged O'Reilly to the corner, and tagged in Rowe who attempted to pick up O'Reilly, only to have his arm grabbed and flipped over into an impressive Arm Bar. 

After a few seconds of being stretched, Rowe incredibly picked up O'Reilly with one arm and slammed him to the mat, freeing his arm. He then gave O’Reilly a taste of his own medicine and slammed his arm into the mat. Tagging in Hanson again, Rowe sent O'Reilly toward his partner where he hit a Running Spear to send him across the ring. Hanson missed with a Falling Fist Drop and O'Reilly used this to just manage to reach Bobby Fish for the tag.   

Fish hit Hanson with two Running Forearms in an attempt to knock him down. However when he went for the third, Hanson clocked Fish with a stiff right hand to the face sending him crashing to the mat. When Hanson tried to grab him on the floor, Fish quickly rolled through the big man's legs, grabbing them and dragging him to the floor and into a Figure-Four in one smooth motion. He then transitioned into a Reverse Dragon Headlock while sitting on the back of Hanson. With seemingly no escape, Hanson used his strength to stand up with Fish on his back and simply fell backwards, squashing Fish for the release. Both men crawled to their respective corners and ragged in their partners simultaneously. 

Both Rowe and O’Reilly darted across the ring and started pummelling each other with punches and elbows, until O’Reilly managed to get his foot up to send a brutal kick to Rowe's face from nowhere. He then showed incredible strength to get Rowe up and down for a Brainbuster and straight into the pin... for the two count. 

O’Reilly didn't relent though and went straight for another Arm Bar, but couldn't quite get the it locked in, so he dragged Rowe up and to the corner where he tagged in Fish. With O’Reilly still in the ring, the pair had Rowe set up for a DDT with Fish picking up Rowe's legs. O’Reilly dropped down for the DDT and then pushed him up to Fish who delivered a Back Drop Slam in one fluid motion. 

Fish attempted to lift Rowe for a Back Breaker, but he stopped him and, by instinct, delivered his own Twirling Stomach Crusher then tagged Hanson as he fell to the floor and rolled out of the ring. O’Reilly reached Fish to tag himself in, but was met by a big Lariat and Powerbomb by Hanson. Hanson went for the pin but Fish distracted the referee by throwing the turnbuckle pad he’d just removed. Hanson moved towards Fish and while distracted, O’Reilly sent Hanson crashing into the corner with a Running Knee to the back of the War Raider. 

Fish was tagged in and they hit Hanson with Total Elimination. With Rowe still on the outside, they picked up a hard fought victory with the 1, 2, 3.

This wasn't the end though. Fish and O’Reilly obviously wanted to send a message to the Tag Team division, and began beating down Hanson before turning to Rowe outside and sending him crashing into the ring steps. 

The victors celebrated as they walked up the ramp.

I said I was going to treat this Championship and all of you with the respect they deserve. So tonight I start my reign as I mean to go on - tonight I will defend my title against anyone who has the guts to come and face me...”

After a couple of seconds, the alarms sounded and Lacey Evans made her way to the ring.

Match #4 - Billie Kay (c) O def. Lacey Evans X

[RAW Women's Championship Match]

This was Billie Kay's First Successful Title Defence

Evans immediately came in with a Running Elbow which was dodged by Kay, who delivered a stiff Side Kick in reply. Kay followed this up with a hard Clothesline before lifting up Evans up, and dropping her onto the ropes. Kay then attempted a Split Leg Drop, but Evans rolled out of the way. Evans quickly picked up Kay and hit an impressive Vertical Suplex, before then lifting the Aussie and sending her flying over the top rope to the floor. 

When Evans attempted another Elbow, it wasblocked and instead, she was sent hard into the barricade by Billie Kay. The champ then sent Lacey into the ring and climbed up quickly to the top turnbuckle, delivering a Flying Leg Drop. After her signature Northen Lights Driver, Billie Kay tried to set up Evans for the Shades of Kay but it was scouted by Lacey and she dodged. 

Evans turned the tide somewhat with a vicious Elbow to the face, then picked up Kay and, with one arm, delivered two painful Backbreakers before getting a 2 count pin. After another Vertical Suplex, Evans picked up a groggy Billie Kay and unbelievably pulls some brass knuckles out! Luckily, just as she was about to hit Kay, the ref grabbes her arm and removed the illegal object.

In the meantime, Billie had come around and finally hit Shades of Kay on Evans, getting the 3 count, and a hard-earned successful title defence!

A tough match for our champion and one that went in a bizarre direction on Evans's part; whatever was she doing with those brass knuckles?!

Next we had an unmistakable close-up of the resident Hollywood star The Miz, looking as cool as ever in his sunglasses. 

A shot of Braun Strowman was shown as he watched from a screen backstage. 

Hello Miz-aholocs. So, it appears someone really didn’t want me there tonight, sadly. I know Ted DiBiase [The crowd cheered] said travel mix-up, but the reality is it was travel sabotage. Here are some pictures from this morning of our limo that was supposed to bring us to you from London

The screen then showed various angles of a turned over limo outside a hotel

Now, call me a conspiracy theorist, but there aren’t many people I can think of that could do that, and it just so happens that I’ve been having ‘issues’ with a certain Monster Among Men lately.”

Miz pulled down his sunglasss and stared into the camera,

Braun, I know you’re watching. I’m gonna admit your little stunt was impressive, BUT there’s one thing you seem to have forgotten; I am The Miz, I AM a SUPERSTAR in Hollywood. And... with my status comes certain perks. Such as private jets on demand when I need them...

This excited the crowd as they started to cheer and shout

... so next time...” [Miz pulled the camera back and it turned out he had been shooting himself all along. The crowd could now see he was in the arena] “...you might want to try a little harder...

As Miz turned the corner, he turned the camera to show Braun in front of him looking at the monitor. It took a couple of seconds for Braun to react but Miz had already thrown the camera, had launched at Braun and a wild brawl ensued. They were soon split up by security and Miz shouted “I'M COMING FOR MY REVENGE AND THAT CHAMPIONSHIP BRAUN!! BE READY!

And thus, the show ended with a look of shock and anger across Braun’s face. 


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