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WWE SmackDown #3 [Boston, Massachusetts]

Match #1 - Bianca Belair O def. Sasha Banks X

After not being shown on television for two weeks, Belair demanded competition in the Women's division, almost bowling over Dusty Rhodes as he made his way out of his office, saying that the 'est in WWE' shouldn't have to demand match-ups. Appreciating the audacity of the young upstart, Dusty agreed to a match to open SmackDown against Sasha Banks.

The match itself kicked off with Belair's constant attempts to be cocky thwarted at every opportunity by Sasha, The Boss even catching an attempted Hair Whip and transitioning into a Bank Statement. Realising the trouble she was in, Belair crawled toward the rope, but instead of grabbing the rope, she grabbed the referee and used the him to break the hold. Amidst the ensuing chaos, Belair then hit an Argentine Facebuster on the still stunned Banks for the shock pinfall victory.

It didn't end there though. Clearly expecting to be cheered by the Boston crowd, Belair was roundly booed for her underhand tactics against fan favourite and hometown girl Banks. In anger, Belair then turned back towards the ring and started to savagely beat Banks, soaking in every boo of the crowd.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan explained why he felt he needed to help Noam Dar last week when he was being attacked by Drew McIntyre. He stated that he was sick of seeing big men afforded the opportunities over the smaller men, simply because of their size, sick of seeing men using their size and power to dominate, just to prove that they can. Bryan then went on to say that McIntyre was nothing but an embarrassment to the legions of powerhouse wrestlers that came before him, and that if McIntyre wanted a fight, he welcomed it any time, anywhere.

Match #2 - The Bar [Sheamus & Cesaro O] def. The New Day [Big-E X & Kofi Kingston]

[WWE World Tag Team Championships Tournament Quarter-Final]

A brutal match followed as we continued with the quarter-finals of the WWE World Tag Team Tournament, with The Bar taking on Kofi Kingston and Big-E of The New Day.

Both teams went all out for the victory, to the point where both teams were almost given double count-outs as the action spilled to outside on multiple occasions. Cesaro was certainly the MVP of the match, not only managing to kick out of a Midnight Hour and survive a barrage of Unicorn Stomps, but also then single-handedly took out Kofi Kingston with a Spinning European Uppercut and then submitted the far larger Big-E with the Sharpshooter, no easy feat.

It was The Bar then who would meet the winner of next week's match between SAniTy and Curt Wakins and Zack Ryder, while The New Day sat in the corner of the ring, pondering how they had lost a match they had spent so long in control of.

Match #3 - Daniel Bryan vs. Zack Ryder Ended In A No Contest

A match between incredibly popular guys was seen as a treat for those in attendance in Boston, yet what the people witnessed was less a treat and more brutally unpleasant.

Bryan had just delivered the first real move of the match, a Dropkick which floored Ryder, when McIntyre's music filled the arena. Wary of what this meant, Bryan looked straight up to the ramp, ready for the attack. Unfortunately, McIntyre had slid into the ring, and upon turning round, Bryan was hit with a Double Underhook DDT, before then being bludgeoned mercilessly with a steel chair. When finished, McIntyre looked up to see Ryder standing open-mouthed at what was happening. Seemingly taking issue with this, McIntyre hit another DDT onto Zack Ryder for good measure, before climbing and disappearing into the crowd once more, laughing as Daniel Bryan got unsteadily to hit feet.

Match #4 - Cedric Alexander O & Sami Zayn def. Roderick Strong & Kassius Ohno X

Before the main event next week which would see Cedric Alexander and Roderick Strong face-off to become the inaugural WWE United States Champion, the pair came face to face this week in tag team action.

Sami Zayn partnered Cedric while The Knockout Artist Kassius Ohno partnered Strong, but it was the two United States hopefuls who faced off first, even if it was for the briefest of moments. The two had real chemistry and flew around the ring, but the majority of the match was between the two beaten semi-finalists, with Ohno and Zayn doing the majority of the heavy lifting. Indeed, the two put on a wrestling clinic, Ohno kicking out of a Helluva Kick, while Zayn managed to avoid a Discus Big Boot, transitioning into a Inside Cradle for a close 2 count.

Zayn then thought that he had managed to get a pinfall victory over Strong after another Helluva Kick, but the Master of the Backbreaker managed to get his foot on the ropes, while almost a carbon copy of the finish of Week 1's main event saw Ohno just manage to kick out of Lumbar Check.

Unfortunately for Ohno, the reprieve was short-lived. Alexander once again managed to get Ohno up for the Lumbar Check, and this time pinned him for the second time in consecutive matches between the pair, gaining some valuable momentum heading into Week 4, and that all important Championship main event!


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